Comments from our adopters


The Laylor family adopted Juice April 2020

"Thank -you to Northern Reach Rescue South for our newest addition “Juice” aka Beetlejuice.  Thank-you for caring so much about the dogs you re-home, and all the time you took to be sure we got the right fit. Even during an already hard time in the middle of the Covid outbreak , you took the time to do all the back ground checks with our references, and vet checks. Even though you could not do an actual at  home visit, the video and photos of my home was a great idea, as well as the over the phone in depth interview. It really put my mind at rest knowing that you were still so diligently checking out the adoptive families. The foster parents you use really helped to acclimate our newest member and he has been fantastic. Please keep doing what you do, because we the new families and our new fur babies need more people like you.  

Picking up our pup was done super effectively with all the paper work done online, and upon pick up keeping distance but really making sure we had all the info  from the vet and his blanket and toys.. made it a nice transition for all of us. We can feel the love you have for these dogs.

Forever grateful."

The Laylor Family

Comments from our adopters


The Cummings family adopted Snickers April 2020

"My first experience with Northern Reach Rescue - Southern Connection was in the beginning of this year when I was a reference for my friend who was adopting a puppy.  After I completed the reference Susan provided me with more information about the rescue.  I looked online and was amazed at how fantastic this organization is! 

When our family saw our newest addition to our family we were instantly in love. The application process was easy to complete. The communication during the decision making process was on point and once accepted we were provided with photos and regular updates.  Next was planning around pick up and how to follow the guidelines due to the pandemic. Susan and the foster parents were very supportive and accommodating. Through phone calls, emails, facebook messages and social distancing we were able to pick up our puppy without issue.  Thank you to all the volunteers and foster parents who give so much of themselves to care for our future family members."

Comments from our adopters


Mark Kemball & Family adopted Oliver June 24, 2019

"I saw Oliver on a Facebook post and thought he would fill the space for two of our dogs who left us within 8 months. Grae, our German Shepherd was feeling  lonely and depressed. I contacted NRRNSC to inquire about adoption and was disappointed that out of province was not possible. Unfortunately for NRRNSC, I persisted and was not ready to give up. After checking us out and talking more about Oliver, following a Skype review, we were very happy to be accepted for a long distance adoption. We made arrangements through WestJet to have Oliver flown from Toronto to Charlottetown, PE. His foster mom, Kim, got him to Pearson Airport and stayed with him for three hours till he was loaded on the plane and ready for his new home. He arrived safely and before we could leave the airport, two people wanted to adopt him. He and Grae have settled in nicely and love their play time.    Oliver has discovered the red dirt of the island when digging in grandmas garden. We are so happy that NRRNCS took a big leap of faith to allow Oliver to Rescue us. The adoption process was smooth, but don’t misunderstand, they want the rescues to go to good homes. "


comments from our adopters

Tina & Rob adopted Kaya on May 30, 2019

"Here is a picture of our dear Little Kaya.  He is a husky/lab from northern Ontario and is healthy, energetic and affectionate.  He makes us laugh and smile everyday.  We are so happy to have him as part of our family and the grandkids just love him!

My husband and I were so thrilled the way the adoption process went.  I couldn't believe how quickly things went through once we decided he was the right pup for us.  Susan was so thorough and efficient about getting the whole thing done as quickly as possible.  She answered all of our questions and let us know she would continue to support us and answer any questions we may have.  It really was a wonderful, exciting experience for which we are truly grateful.  Thank you and Thank you for Kaya Bear!!!"


comments from our adopters


Jaime & Derek adopted Trinity on May 30, 2019

"It has been 3 weeks since we adopted our Trinity from the Northern Reach Rescue Southern team and I want to say that the whole process has been a great experience.  Everyone at Northern Reach were professional to deal with throughout the adoption process and you can tell they are passionate about all their rescue dogs.  We have already started to recommend Northern Reach Rescue South to our friends and would recommend them to anyone looking to adopt any of the dogs that they give a second chance to."

Comments from our adopters


Sean and Crystal Adopted Whiskey now Fergus June 17, 2019

"We adopted our spunky little guy Fergus five days ago and he has settled into our home and our hearts perfectly. He and his Dogue de Bordeaux sister have become the best of friends, playing non stop, and cuddling up together when they are finally tired out. He is such a calm but playful puppy, he is intelligent and loving. Adopting him was the best choice my husband and I could have made. Thank you to Susan and Northern Reach Rescue for being such amazing people with such a big love for these dogs! You made every step of the process seamless and we can't wait to work with you in the future!"

Love from, Crystal, Sean, Cass, and Fergus 

Comments from our adopters


Terry and Dick Moss adopted Gunner June 9, 2019

"We adopted our Husky-Lab mix, Gunner (formerly Loki)  in early June’19 and were impressed with the Northern Reach  Rescue Network-Southern Connection. They showed due  diligence in making sure their rescue puppy was going to a good home and were  very flexible with pickup arrangements. Susan was easy to work with and VERY responsive to emails and texts. Pam and Laura, the “Foster Mothers” had done a great job of taking care of the  little guy and getting him started with basic obedience and  house training. They also provided early feedback on his character, which was a huge bonus and helped us in our decision         to adopt Gunner. He's been a great addition to the family!  Kudos all around!"
        Terry and Dick Moss, Sudbury, Ontario

Comments from our Adopters


Denis and Angela adopted Bella July 23, 2019

"Susan you are truly an amazing person and we can not thank you enough along with Northern Reach all your volunteers, fosters and the lovely lady who saved Bella aka Rockie. We very much appreciated your guidance and support during every step of the adoption process.
When we were in contact with you the first time you told us Bella’s story, right away I knew that this was the dog Angela would want as she is always looking to help the one’s that need the most help. Within seconds we knew  she was the one we wanted without hesitation even before we saw what she looked like. When you sent that first picture we were even more in love with her. In keeping in touch with you the stories you would tell me about her would melt our hearts, she has touched so many hearts and will continue to do so. We are so blessed to have found her. The way that you always look out for her best interests is amazing. Thank you for helping make our dreams a reality.
She has brought so much joy to our lives and has made our family complete!"

Margaret and Neil adopted Maggie December 26, 2019

Maggie Melons,


We had almost given up hope that we would find the “right fit” for us….and then we were introduced to Maggie.  My husband and I are both seniors.  He has serious health issues and I have mobility issues. Our beautiful trained dog had passed away in August and we knew we could not raise another puppy in our circumstances.  So enter Northern Reach South and Maggie.  A friend heard of this amazing two year old dog who they were looking to place in an “empty nester” home.  Maggie is great with everyone of all ages however they felt that after raising her seven puppies Maggie deserved a calmer house where we were home most of the time.  I was totally up front about our lifestyle and the accommodations we made to raise a dog properly (use of a marvellous dog walker for exuberant exercise, circle of friends for support, very dog friendly neighbourhood, potential to train dog to walk with me while I use my walker instead of cane).  I put in my paperwork at 2 am because we had family over for the Grey Cup game.  The next morning it went from emails, to texts to phone conversations, to me notifying my references that they would phone them THAT DAY.  Two hours later I’m taking pictures inside and out of my house and texting them to this “Susan” from Northern Reach.  Then I’m instructed to phone Foster Mother and plan a "meet & greet" ASAP….The Next Day.  Meeting Ms Maggie and her awesome foster parents sealed the deal for us and apparently for all of them. Maggie came south not knowing how to play with toys.  She learned from her pups:) and has continued to hone her playful skills with us! We cannot believe this sweet soul that entered our family on Boxing Day.  She is delightful and mischievous and so loving!  Maggie has expanded our hearts and everyone in our neighbourhood and social group is IN LOVE with her.  Northern Reach thanks us and the vet congratulates us for adopting a northern dog.  We are the ones who are eternally grateful.  Our home is complete again and our souls are sighing!