About Us

Rescue Overview

Northern Reach Rescue Network a non-for-profit organization was founded by Darlene Vezina in 2014.  All of the rescue dogs originate from remote fly in communities.  In its first year, 285 dogs/puppies were brought into rescue. Since 2014 the rescue has grown to over 200 volunteers and over 5000 dogs rescued.

Northern Reach Rescue Network has partnered with over 15 remote fly in communities to not only rescue sick, homeless, stray dogs, but also bring in dogs surrendered by community members that simply want a better life for their furry friend. Once the dogs are flown into Thunder Bay, they are vetted if critically ill and fostered until they are sent to Northern Reach Rescue Network Southern Connection where they are fostered and adopted to loving homes.

We work closely with the foster parents to ensure they are well supported in caring for the rescues until adoption. But all of this requires supplies such as leashes and collars, food and toys and beds and Veterinarian costs to have the dogs vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and any other vetting required to ensure they are adopted in very healthy conditions. We also carry very high transport costs to fly the dogs into Thunder Bay and then the costs of getting them to Southern Ontario. The rescue relies on donations for all of the expenses and goods.

Our History

Northern Reach has grown since its conception in 2014

· In the fall of 2014 with 25 volunteers over 285 dogs were rescued

· In 2015 with 75 volunteers over 315 dogs were rescued

· In 2016 with 100 volunteers 400 dogs were rescued

· In 2017 with 110 volunteers 567 dogs were rescued

· In 2018 over 600 dogs were rescued

Our Mission

We are a small group of dedicated animal lovers who thrive to make a difference in the world, one dog at a time. We are 100% foster based and volunteer run. We have a very thorough adoption process to ensure we find the best family for our dogs.